About ThirdEye Landscapes


ThirdEye Landscapes is a solo landscape design and planting execution service, run by me, Johan Alva.

Services and Work - 

1) Design and Consultancy -

I do the entire landscape design concept and masterplan, while all work related to drawings and drafting is done by experienced landscape draftsmen that I hire on a need basis.

I also do the planting plans and proposals, including the plant list. 

In the case of larger scale projects, I collaborate and team up with other freelancers and consultants.

2)Planting Execution and Plants Sourcing - 

I prefer executing my planting designs by supervising the setting out location of the plants, before planting, giving me the opportunity to imagine and create picture frames and views, with the plant palette at my disposal.

I also like sourcing plants for projects, because it allows me to make purchases for hand picked specimen plants or a rarer variety or something that looks good in the nursery, that I would not have otherwise planned for. 

Philosophy and Design Style-

I like thinking of and presenting various options and choices possible for the project as a whole. This allows the client to see most of the possibilities and choose or suggest the direction in which the project should go.

I try to achieve great functionality, eco-friendliness and sustainability, while always ensuring the desired aesthetics. 

Location - 

Currently, I live in Bangalore, but I'm open to taking up projects elsewhere too.


How it Began -

I graduated as a chemical engineer from RV College of Engineering in 2012. In June, 2013, I joined a landscape and garden maintenance startup as an operations executive, not realizing that I would soon develop an eager interest and love for planting and garden design. 

Around May, 2016, I embarked on my current journey as a freelance landscape designer.

Where Design Meets Art, Imagination, Intuition, Preferences And Science, And All Those Other Things That Influence The Final Outcome