"When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world."~John Muir
About Us
Started in January, 2016, ThirdEye Landscapes is a collaborative landscape design, installation and maintenance consultancy led by founder and principal designer, Johan Alva, that operates out of Bangalore, and provides landscaping services across the world. 
What makes us unique is our approach and ideology. We aren't selling anyone anything. We understand your requirement and work with you accordingly. We have the technical know-how and the design skill to deliver what you want, the way you want it.  
We are a team of landscape designers, horticulturist, operations and admin executives and workmen. We also collaborate with other professionals and consultants including architects, engineers and horticulturists, whereever the need arises.  
Our extensive network of suppliers and craftsmen ensures quality material and installation service at discounted rates.  
ThirdEye Landscapes stands by the following intentions:
- Provide quality landscape solutions and designs without any vested interest of selling products, materials or plants. We explain to you the options and together we build your landscape. We don't take commissions from anyone.
- Practice and preach the design and installation of sustainable and ecofriendly landscapes and gardens.
 - Create aesthetic spaces that are functional and efficient.
- Utilize cost-effective materials and methods.   
- Promote organic gardening and self-sustainable systems.
- Educate people on gardening and growing plants.
- Inspire a clean, self-sufficient and peaceful world.
Our Design Philosophy
"What's the goal?". We always ask this first. Once this is answered, the rest will follow. 
For us, the most important thing is to achieve the goal.  
Efficiency, aesthetics, sustainability, environmental friendly, functionality: these are the ideals we build our designs around. 
Our designs encourage the use of sustainable and eco-friendly material and concepts through the use of local materials, customised construction techniques, existing landscape technologies and products, and enviromentally beneficial systems. 
We believe that there are many great designs possible for any given space and as long as a design satisfies the user in terms of aesthetics and functionality it would be up for consideration.

Sustainable and Ecofriendly Garden Designs and Installations, Or At Least I'm Trying. The Beauty Part Is A Given.

Principal Designer and Founder
Johan Alva's passion and love for nature, plants and design is the backbone of his professionalism. His expertise lies in his understanding of plant systems, materials, principles and technologies and his ability to envision and portray designs and concepts. He aims to integrate plants into everyday living spaces to enhance interior and exterior environments, without compromising the integrity of buildings and structures.
- Over 3 years experience in the landscape industry and has overseen over 50 landscape development projects from start to completion.
- Worked at GreenMyLife, a landscape development and garden maintenance company for 2 years.
- Landscaping Technology Diploma Program (2013)  from Penn Foster Career School  
- Interned for 6 months at Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Bangalore doing research on use of native grasses for slope stabilization and erosion control. 

- Chemical engineering graduate (2012) with an 8.20 GPA from RV College of Engineering, Bangalore.