Effective Consultations Will Ensure Your Project Is a Winner 

Building your dream home?  Just moved to an existing home and want to add your own touches? Live somewhere for a while and finally want to spruce up the outside or inside areas?  We can offer a practiced eye to help you determine how you'd like to use the outdoors, set your budget and your priorities, and give suggestions that maximize your space's unique qualities.


What We Offer 


As landscape consultants, we aim to deliver aesthetics coupled with accurate scientific solutions and ideas to any sort of landscaping project.


Effective consultation identifies not just constraints but opportunities too. We are able to develop proposals to integrate your vision and requirement into an efficient solution.


1. Site Visits

2. Site Analysis 

3. Design Ideas

4. Installation Information

5. Prices and Estimates of Design, Installation and Maintenance


Scope of Consultation Deliverables 


 > Project Analysis - Detailed site inspection, Survey of existing features and their impact on design possibilities and analysis of site conditions including sunlight and wind patterns, basic soil tests, drainage tests etc.


Discussions - Regarding what you want, the scope of your vision, requirements, preferences, your involvement in the design and installation phase, budget, timelines.


> Find out - Design and installation costs, maintenance details, durability, options.


> Presentations - To visualize garden styles, designs, features and available products.


> Get briefed on the landscape development process, the design stages and how work will proceed on site.


Cost of Consultations


Depending on the type of consultation, duration etc. we fix a cost with you. As always, our charges are negotiable.


Typical consultation on site (for Bangalore clients) is Rs. 1000. But, really, it depends on your requirement, so just please enquire and find out. We also do free consultations and do pro-bono.


Consultation cost is deducted from design fee ,if design follows.