Effective consultation ensures your project is a winner!


Discuss ideas and options, figure out costs, and then take the next step.   


Choose how you want your consultation.

Site visit, talk on the phone, email?  



What I Offer: 

As a landscape consultant, I aim to deliver aesthetics coupled with accurate scientific solutions and ideas to any sort of landscaping project.


Effective consultation identifies not just constraints but opportunities too. I am able to develop proposals to integrate your vision and requirement into an efficient solution.


Scope of Consultation Services :-


> Discussions - Regarding what you want, the scope of your vision, requirements, preferences, your involvement in the design and installation phase, budget, timelines


> Find out design costs, installation costs, maintenance details, durability, options


> Presentations: To visualize garden styles, designs, features and available products


> Get briefed on the landscape developement process, the design stages and how work will proceed on site


> A detailed site sketch with existing features and analysis of site conditions including sunlight and wind patterns, soil tests, drainage tests etc.