As a consultancy, our time is money. But, we aren't specific about making money. We are, however, specific about doing good work and doing it in the right way (there usually are many right ways). 


The fees are set only after considering the size and budget of the landscape or garden development project, type and extent of services required, complexity of the project, timeline of the project and the value of the work. 


Fees are structured either as a fixed cost per square foot, or as a percentage of construction costs or as an hourly rate for work being done. It could also be a combination of approaches. Our fees are negotiable.


Fees based on Service:


Consultation Fee - A typical consultation (1 hour) on site would be Rs. 1000 or lesser or more. We do free consultations and pro-bono too. It really depends on what you want. Get in touch with us and we'll figure it out. Read "Scope of Consultation


Design Fee - Design fee is, typically, deliverables (3D visuals, 2D master plans, construction drawings, materials list and specifications) based.

Read "Scope of Design"


Execution Fee - Execution fee is again, typically, deliverables (Planning and scheduling, Material sourcing, workmen contracting and management, site supervision) based. Read "Scope of Execution"


Cost of Landscape and Garden Work:


The way we look at it, the cost of building your landscape is simply the  cost of materials, labour, transport and the cost of getting it done.  


Landscape or garden development = Cost on actuals of (Material+Labour+Transport) + Cost of (Design and Execution)