Q. What do you mean by all your landscaping needs?

A. When I say all your landscaping needs, I actually mean it. If you're wondering which plant to buy for that window corner, go ahead and dial my number. If you need your garden cleaned, I'll get gardeners and have them give your place the tidying up it needs. If you want to spruce up a dull corner, let's shoot ideas. Have an empty terrace that isn't even laying eggs, let's fashion a mini-farm that gets everyone at home competing to grow the spiciest chillies. Building a new house and want to build a garden, oh yeah!, let me help you envision and create the garden of your dreams. If you're an architect and want to collaborate, hit me up. If you're a builder wondering how to be the talk of the town, let's sit down and plan a plot and then, plot the plan.


Basically, I am interested in getting my hands dirty with anything to do with gardening and landscapes. 


Q. Why are your charges negotiable?

A. Because each job is different and there's varying amount of work and type of work required, I feel it's better to decide my charges on a case by case basis. My charges are negotiable because I don't care too much about making a lot of money. 


Q. How much does it cost to get landscape work done? 


A simple formula is,


Landscape work = cost of (Material + Labour (skilled and un-skilled) + Supervision + Transport) + cost of (Design)


Hence the cost to build your landscape will be depend on:


1) Material Costs- The kind, size, quantity of Plants, Hardscape materials, Soil, Planters, Building material, Products, etc

2) Labour, Supervision, Tools - No of people it takes to get the work done, supervisory work, getting tools, equipment etc

3) Transport 

4) Design, Installation Fee - The cost of hiring a designer, contractor or company. If you do the work yourself, you are spending your time.


My fee, if you are to hire me, is negotiable! 


Q. Should you hire a landscape designer or architect to get landscape work done?


If you don't know much about landscapes and plants, then, yes, I would recommend speaking to an expert. 


If you have aesthetic sense and know the subject, especially plants and how to use them in the landscape, then it's about time. You have to invest your time to get work done.


Because, really, anyone can design. Designs can be rated great or bad or anywhere in between. A "good" designer may put out an "average" design, and a "bad" designer may put out an "excellent" design. Is the "good" designer actually a good designer and the "bad" designer actually a bad designer? You decide. 


A lot of things about design is abstract and subjective, but a lot of it is also scientific, quantifiable and has reasoning and logic involved. 


You plan the layout, put plants here and there, put some grass maybe, paving, planters, pathway, put patio tiles, seating areas, whatever, no big deal. You've got the drift. Now whether your design is good looking is subjective. Whether is is sustainable, efficient, eco-friendly, that is determinate. A good landscape designer, architect and contractor, is more likely to get it right. 


Really, if you've read this and are wondering if you should hire someone, just call and we can figure it out.