Garden Maintenace Consultation and Optimization

Good garden maintenance routines ensure a healthy vibrant garden, that looks good year-round. A garden is always in motion. If you stop and observe, you will witness nature's beauty unfurl before your eyes.
Who does this service service? 
Anyone who spends money on garden maintenance.  
What to expect?
- Initial Site visit to sketch the place and understand your requirement.
- In-depth analysis and report of current setup including sketch of the garden denoting all plant beds, reporting on performance of each plant, reasons for problems, suggesting remedies and options for fresh planting.
- Basic soil and water tests, calculation of actual water requirement of the garden.
- Proposal for changes to the current maintenance routines whereever, so as to save money, increase sustainability, improve aesthetics, increase efficiency and use lesser water.
- A new detailed maintenance plan, customised to your requirement, with specifics on routines, timelines, watering, fertilization and other maintenance techniques. 
Basically, fine tune your maintenance plan and make sure the right things are being done.