Glory Fields

Apartment Off Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

Location : Close to Amrita College on Kasavanahalli main road, plonked comfortably in a by-lane, away from the noise of the main road.

Builders : Inner Spaces

Architect : Vinnu Ponnappa Architects

Year of Planting - March 2017 - September 2017

Preview :

The everyday drive to the basement for the residents, will have excitement all around. 2 rows of 4 Italian Cypress are underplanted with mauve lantana. Purple fountain grass provides a great backdrop, while the red-flowered russelia spills over the low walls of the driveway ramp.

Thin stemmed golden bamboo graces the security cabin as it constantly sways in the wind. Behind this lies a landscape like none other.

Bamboos, cypresses, plumerias, a palm and a dracaena, all of which speak languages of their own, are strung together seamlessly in an epiphany of nature.