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ThirdEye Landscapes offers time- and cost-efficient installation management services for our clients all over India.  Our personnel act as owner's representatives for all outdoor projects, working closely with landscape designers, architects, contractors, and site specialists.  Grading, stonework, planting, irrigation ...leave the details to us!


1. Turnkey Project* 

2. Project Planning and Scheduling

3. Site work Supervision

4. Plant Sourcing

5. Material Sourcing

6. Labour Management

7. Sub-Contractor Management


Our installation management costs are variable. Please enquire.

* Turnkey Projects with you holding the key: We deliver completed projects. We facilitate and manage all the work for you, so, you can sit back and relax, while we transform the area. You holding the key means that all the material, plants, labour bills, etc are made out in your name and only if you pay for it will work get done. This way you will always get your money's worth, because you pay only when work is being done or material is being bought. Foolproof, yeah?

And remember, we're on the same side. We want, what you want.