Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes. - Author Unknown

Kitchen Garden Setup on Terraces, Anywhere on Earth or on Mars like in the movie, 'The Martian'.

It is amazingly rewarding to grow your own food. Nothing like crunching into a crispy fresh bean right off the plant while working your way through the garden or biting into a plump tomato whose ripening you witnessed over the week . Imagine gobbling some sweet juicy pomegranate at work, that you plucked that morning!    

When it comes to growing vegetables and fruits you need plenty of light, proper watering schedules, rich soil and pest and disease management, and of course, someone to take care of them, to encourage healthy plants. Healthy plants give good quality and bountiful produce. 


Your kitchen garden is personal to you. It still needs to be done right. I can help you with that.

Why Should You Bring Us In?


     Knowledge and experience of soil types and usage, plant requirements, organic practices, organic pest management techniques.   

     Familiarity with sourcing, availability and cost of soil, manure, containers, products, seeds, automatic watering kits, compost bins etc.

     Ability to generate various layouts that maximize the potential of the space, and integrate various sustainable elements. 

     A complete kitchen garden guide in a neat booklet with all details, specific to your setup! 

If you are going to start out setting up a kitchen garden, planning it well will go a long way. Even if you already have one that isn't performing too good, you could always tweak it here and there and see much better results.

raised garden bed

Whether you do it with me, on your own or with someone else, the below are things to consider:


- What will grow well in your place? What do you want to grow? How to grow? What are Sustainable practices?


- What containers (pots)? How big, how to place them, how to use water saving techniques?


- What soil? Cocopeat? Cow dung? Vermicompost? Organic ammendments?


- How to manage pests? What to do for diseases? 


- How to Compost?


- Manual watering or semi-automatic or fully automatic watering system?


- How much is to be spent sustaining it? What are the activities required? Who will take care of it?


Requirements for a Kitchen Garden Setup


Cost (Depends on your locality)          Rs


1) Containers                     

- Grow bags (white) UV stabilized     20-30

- Grow bags (green) HDPE               55-180

- Plastic pot 12 inch dia                     50

- Plastic pot 16 inch dia                     100

- Wood pallet, 3 ft l*2 ft w*1 ft h        250


2) Red Soil

- Gunny bag (25 kgs)                           40

- Mini truck load (140 c.ft)                  4000


3) Manure

- Vermicompost (50 kg bag)              350

- Cow/goat manure (25 kg bag)         100


4) Cocopeat, per 5kg brick                   120


5) Organic ammendments

- Neem cake (per kg)                            50

- Neem cake (50 kg bag)                      900

- Pongamia cake (per kg)                    50                  

6) Gardener                                        


7) Drip Irrigation System, (100 plants)  600


8) Automatic watering timer              1500


9) Composting units

- Rotatable Drum with metal stand   1500   

- Terracotta containers (Kambha)      1000


10) Vertical stakes for support

- Bamboo (thin slice of4ft)                 5


11) Shade net (50%, 164 ft*10 ft)          1800  


12) Seeds and saplings