Whatever You Want, The Way You Want It

Landscape And Garden Design


Design Conceptualization, Consultancy and Drawings


Based on the inputs from consultations, a preliminary concept design proposal is prepared and shared with the client party. 


You give us feedback and we rework the design, until you approve and the final design is frozen,


You can choose your involvement in the design conceptualization. In fact, you can choose to sit with us and play around with your design to arrive at something you want, while we operate the software. You can choose to select the plant palette, finish colours, patterns etc. 



1. Deliverables of Consultations

2. Master Plans

3. 3D Visualizations

4. Planting Plan and Specifications

5. Construction Hardscape and Civil Work Drawings

6. Installation Specifications

7. Bill of Quantities (BOQ)

8. Installation Estimates

Scope of Design Deliverables


Expect the following, wherever applicable:


i) Landscape Design Scheme and Master Plan- Conveys the design concept and idea of the overall design layout through 3D images, videos and 2D top view plans

ii) Landscape Civil Work Drawings- The construction drawings for landscape civil works, like pathways, retaining walls, decorative elements, waterfall, steps, planters, screen walls, canopies, trellis & pergolas, seating etc

iii) Irrigation Layout- Irrigation pipe lines, specifications, pump units, filters, sprinkler head locations, drip lines, automated timer units, rain sensors etc

iv) Lighting and Electrical Layout- Depicts the outdoor lighting details, light fixture types, light locations, wiring details etc

v) Plumbing & Drainage Layout- Shows outdoor plumbing, drainage slopes, rain water percolation, harvesting

vi) Paving Patterns, Colour Schemes & Finishes

vii) Planting Design & Layout- Selection of plants, soil specifications, grouping & combinations, spacing


Cost of Design 


Based on the amount and type of deliverables, we fix a cost with you. Our charges are negotiable.