Rural Blues Restobar

Sarjapur road, Bangalore

Location : In between St. Patrick's Academy and Kodathi gate, nestled away, against a green backdrop, on Sarjapur road.

Architect : Deepak Berthalome

Interiors: Visakh, Meraki Studio

Civil: Contractors: Bakash and Co

Client: Green Lawn Hospitality

Year of Planting - October, 2016 - January 2017


Preview : 

The entrance pathway hosts rows of Texas sages and Alternanthera forming the forefront, while Dragon trees hover in the backdrop, setting a Mediterranean tone to this lovely restobar with a Santorini themed outdoor cafe. Other plants that make appearances in the entrance include leea rubra, ophiopogon jaburan variegated and purple fountain grass. Stone benches, gravel mulch and rocks are seen throughout the landscape.

The eye-catching red leafed specimen adorning the entrance of bakery, 'Euphorbia caracasana', can be seen from inside the bakery.  Looming tall and grand, just like it did, when at Krishna Farm/Nursery (you may see a few varieties for the first time here), on Big Banyan Tree Road.