The Landscape Development Process


Although each project will have it's own set of unique characteristics and constrictions, the development process will follow the same pattern. Here's what you can expect:


Client meeting* & site evaluation

To start the process, you'll meet with a designer at the project site. In this first meeting, we'll want to get as much information as possible about your vision and requirement - the more you tell us, the better we can suit designs to your needs- Do you have children? Pets? An aversion to the color orange? At this point we will also want to discuss any potential issues- is the drainage up to the mark? Is scarcity of water going to be an issue?


ThirdEye Landscapes can work around most constrictions, but want to be upfront about potential hiccups along the way.


*If a site visit and meeting with you is not possible, you can send us the details of the site, in the form of pictures and dimensions. We can carry out consultations on the phone or through email. 


Preliminary designs

After your site visit, we'll return to the office and put together a few design ideas incorporating information gathered at the site visit. These designs start to give you some idea of the layout and feel of the space, plus any defining characteristics that we feel are important to the space. We'll go over each of the designs with you, as well as preliminary budgets for the various design options and get your feedback.


Finalized plans & construction documents

Based on earlier discussions we'll put together a finalized layout plans and begin working on the details. We'll spec materials, the plant palette, start choosing furniture, and get everything together so we can give you a formal quote.  


Construction phase

Once plans are approved we are ready to schedule the installation of the garden! We'll work out a timeline and coordinate any subcontracted work to make sure the installation process goes smoothly for everyone involved.


Post installation

Did we discuss maintenance? ThirdEye Landscapes offers (and recommends) setting up a maintenance plan in order to keep the garden in the best shape. While many gardens we install are low-maintenance, no garden is maintenance-free and you'll want to plan for its continual upkeep.


We can also find/train a local gardener(s) to take up the routine maintenance of your place or refer a reliable garden maintenance company to you.