Work History


Operations Manager at GreenMyLife (2014 - 2016)


I worked as the Operations Manager and managed operations of Garden Maintenance and Landscape Development along with the CEO of GreenMyLife. 


During my time at GreenMyLife, I have done everything that needs to be done to have a landscaping project executed from start to finish and beyond (A landscape is ever evolving).

I have managed: ­

 Over 30 landscape design and execution projects  ­

 Over 50 garden maintenance clients  ­

 Over 500 garden maintenance visits


Many of the things I've done: 


- Managing work on site and planning the landscape installation

- Overseeing and troubleshooting actual planting and civil work on site 

- Managing and coordinating workmen

- Finding material, purchasing material

- Contacting vendors and subcontractors

- Scheduling maintenance visits, Ensuring quality maintenance service

- Drafting quotations and proposals, Meeting potential clients

- Making initial site visits to assess site conditions and report collected data along with site sketch and dimensions and more.

- I also designed the entire planting pattern and palette for a few small home projects and fewer small commercial areas.


It was hardcore, all action non stop barrage of phone calls and riding around the city getting work done. 

All this, while learning the plants and trees that make up landscapes through colleageus, nursery men and google. I also learnt the various features, principles and technologies of landscaping through my colleagues, as a result of my on-site experience and by reading up.


Education History




Chemical Engineering graduate from RV College of Engineering, Bangalore with 8.15 GPA. ­


- Completed additional courses on Waste Management and Energy Engineering from college ­


- Won 2nd place in All-­India Motorola Scholarship for Project on "3rd Generation Biofuels ­ Biofuels from Algae" for our large­ scale designs and prototype experiments. Our results showed algae grows in diluted sewage water, and removed certain pollutants. We were also able to extract the oil that is converted to biofuel.  


Features of My Designs


- 3D and 2D Design Drawings for Visualization and Execution

- Clever Use of Existing Landscape Technologies

- Right Plant, Right Place Principle

- Integration of Water Harvesting, Waste Management and Energy Saving Techniques

- Designs for Easy Maintenance and Future in Mind

- Automated Smart Irrigation Systems

- Integration of Sustainable and Ecofriendly Elements